Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Garage Sale Bliss

I'm always happy when I find a good deal, but this one was fabulous. I stopped by a garage sale the other day (yes, there are still garage sales in November!) and was pleasantly surprised by my findings. I bought the following:
  • a practically brand new file tote (I have been wanting a new one to replace a broken one for about 2 years now)
  • a black boa and a pink flowered lei for my girl's dress up box
  • a 2 Tlbs cookie dough scoop
  • some Lego wheels and toy cars (I want the wheels from them for a Christmas present I'm making)
  • and a brand new, unfinished floating corner shelf so I can get my 1-year-old out of some electronics
Can you guess how much I paid for all of that???? Come on, just guess.

Only $3!!!!!!!!!! I would have paid $3 for just the tote at a thrift store. I didn't even have to barter with the guy. He named the price.

I know, I'm amazing. :-)

1 comment:

  1. That's incredible!! That, and your bunk bed deal are definitely worth bragging about. :)