Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kid's Tights 2

About a month ago I posted about an awesome idea about making/repurposing kid's tights and here is where it led me.

My youngest suffers from a lot, but one thing she really struggles with is being a little on the skinny side. She has no blubber on her body so she's constantly cold, even on warmer days. Layers of clothing is my remedy, but you can only layer so many pairs of pants. I love Baby Legs but can't really afford to buy a bunch (cost ranging from $8-$15 a pair). And I've been meaning to crochet her some wool leggings and just haven't gotten around to it.

The other day I  was about to throw away a pair of socks that had a rather large hole in them when I thought about the kid's tights. I simply cut off the foot part of the socks. That's it. I was done. You wanted more instructions? Well, there ain't none! :)

No sewing required!

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