Friday, December 30, 2011

A bit of a slacker, but I enjoyed my Christmas!

I've been neck-deep in my sewing corner this past month making fun goodies for Christmas. Did I take a picture of half of them to post? No. But maybe if you're really good next year I'll post them as ideas for next years Christmas presents. :)

To hopefully make up for my slackerness, I'm giving you this: 101 Ways to Save Money Now! I found this article in Parent Map magazine, a Seattle based parenting magazine. It's wonderful and FREE itself. They have articles on anything and everything pertaining to parenthood, they host events, have a Seattle events calender, and a hardcopy can be picked up for free at most libraries and other kid-friendly stores. Check out the article and peruse their website, I'm sure you will find other goodies.

Happy New Year!

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